Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship is a Way of Life

What shall I return to the Lord for all his bounty to me? Psalm 116:12

Time : Talent : Treasure

Holy Trinity Wallingford ActivitiesStewardship is about using all of our gifts – our time, treasure, and talent in the right proportion. The core of stewardship is gratitude – a gratitude that overflows into giving as a way of thankfulness for all that God has given us. Stewardship is a way of life – and looking at everything good as a gift from God. Stewardship is about giving back.

We hope that you join us in Stewardship as a way to give glory to God.

For more information, contact Bob Barkhau – Stewardship Committee.

Learn more about congregational stewardship on the ELCA’s Stewardship website.